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PSEA has adopted a Committee Model of governance in an effort to enhance member involvement and expand perspectives. The Association has established a number of Standing Committees (committees that are perpetual in existence and function) and a number of Special/Periodic Committees (committees formed to address specific needs that are temporary in nature).

The staffing of some committees is controlled by the PSEA Articles of Incorporation, Board Policy, Corporate Bylaws, and/or Chapter or Local Bylaws. These controlling documents dictate that certain committees can only be staffed by Board members. However, most committees are open to staffing by all PSEA voting members and all are invited to participate on one or more committees. It is the PSEA President’s responsibility to form and appoint committee positions; therefore, any member wishing to be a committee member must notify the President of their desire. This can be done most easily via email to Members wishing to sit on a committee should also notify that committee’s Chairperson.

Follow the links above to find a list of current PSEA Committees, including a brief description of the committee functions, staffing requirements, identity and email of the Chairperson, and a list of committee members.

Standing Committees

Political Action Committee / Legislative Committee

Review, approve, and implement political actions based on Legislative Committee recommendations; approve PAC expenditures on candidate endorsements and other political campaigns that benefit members

Staffed by Board members and voting members

Grievance Review Committee

Review all grievances prior to arbitration and provide recommendations to Executive Director regarding a grievance continuation to arbitration

Staffed by Board members only

Finance Committee

Review past expenditures, assess current income and spending priorities, and set future budgets on an annual basis in accordance with Board priorities and directives

Staffed by Board members and PSEA Staff

Special Committees

State of Alaska Negotiating Committee

Oversee, negotiate, and facilitate improvements in wages, benefits, and working conditions for State employees in conjunction with the State’s regulations

Staffed by voting members, PSEA Executive Director, & PSEA General Council

Policies Committee

Periodically review Association Articles, Bylaws, and Policies for consistency and compliance with laws and regulations; to adopt changes to Articles, Bylaws, and Policies to conform with Association changes as determined by the Board of Directors

Open staffing

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